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At WIZZ, we have made it easy for you to help address the carbon footprint of your travel as a part of Wizz's comprehensive commitment to climate action. You can estimate the carbon emissions of your flight and voluntarily offset the estimated carbon emissions by supporting carbon projects certified to international standards.



"As we pursue our long-term sustainability goals, we are delighted to offer you, our customers, voluntary carbon offsets through our partnership with CHOOOSE. The CHOOOSE platform makes it easier for customers to support carbon projects certified to leading global carbon standards and aligned with the Oxford Offsetting Principles."

Yvonne Moynihan

Chief Corporate & ESG Officer, Wizz Air


When you fly Wizz Air, you travel with one of the youngest aircraft fleets featuring new generation technology. We take pride in having one of the lowest carbon emissions per passenger kilometre in the industry. While Wizz Air acknowledges that offsetting alone will not make flying sustainable, this voluntary offsetting option provides an opportunity to support environmental projects certified to leading global carbon standards. This way, as a passenger, you can contribute to the industry's broader commitment to climate action.


to make sure that everyone, everywhere can benefit from travel at the lowest prices, while keeping in mind the social, economic and environmental impact of our operations. Our strategy is built on low fares and a diverse network, supported by efficient and sustainable operations and high-quality customer service.

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